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The Fortune Blender

The Fortune Blender

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The Fortune Blender

A makeup sponge but with a twist! We present to you our fortune blender where each sponge comes with a personalised fortune!

This ultra soft blender ensures a flawless blended base!  Use to sponge to apply your favourite foundation, concealer, liquid blush, highlighter and even translucent powder! This versatile product is going to make sure your makeup gave is on point. 

It absorbs water not makeup to ensure most of the product goes onto your skin and not into the sponge!

Directions for use:

Our fortune blender is designed to be used wet for both liquids and baking. Wet the blender with water and squeeze out any excess liquid.   Then use your liquids and even powders (we use powders on a damp sponge too).  Cleanse after each use to keep your sponge makeup free & super clean! Use a sponge cleaner, washing up liquid or pop in a pillow case and put it in the washing machine at 30!

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